10 songs you've always wanted to share

new beats


  1. Absofacto: Website, Tumblr
  2. And the Giraffe: Tumblr, Bandcamp
  3. M O N E Y: Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr
  4. Horrorscopes: Tumblr, Bandcamp, Facebook
  5. San Cisco: Facebook, YouTube
  6. James Leahy: Bandcamp
  7. Yellow Ostrich: Website, Facebook, Bandcamp
  8. Founds: Facebook, Bandcamp, Tumblr
  9. Set Sail: Facebook, Bandcamp
  10. Coach Bombay: Website, Soundcloud
Rather than a playlist, these are 10 bands/artists I like that are lesser known and that I believe should have more fans. Genres and styles vary a bit, as for popularity, but have a flick through. 
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